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Have a look at the handball drill animation inside our coaching app. The center back (CB) starts the drill with a pass to the player at station B (LB). Both pass the ball for a total of 3 times. The defender at station C (RI/LI) moves with the ball and tries to keep offensive players from finishing.

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Development of 'jumping ability' by means of handball specific drills/ martin tuma. The EHF CAN is pleased to announce that the EHF teaching videos are now available on youtube in the following categories: 1. Minihandball 2.

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Over 1200+ handball training games and drills. Favourite the drills you like to save them and find them more easily later. Put drills together to build your own handball coaching plan. See Video or login to try it today and start to transform your coaching sessions. Write your handball plans online.

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Put drills together to build your own Handball coaching plan Sportplan is designed to give you more confidence when you arrive at training and caters for all levels of coaches, from beginners who want step-by-step sessions to those who plan trainings for their whole club.

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The objective of the drills is to keep on running and throwing accurately. This drill helps in increasing stamina,and improving arm power,accuracy and weak arm ability. Drill #3. This handball training drill requires 6 players separated into 3 attacker,3 defenders and should be played in a 10 m x 5 m area.

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The passing player (yellow) lines up at the fourth cone, with a ball. The active player (blue) lines up on the first cone/pole of the triangle. Execution: The blue player starts the drill by running from the first cone/pole to the left of the two front cones.

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For this drill all you need is a ball. Wile holding the ball in one hand at arms length with your palm facing down drop the ball and catch it again. The whole drill the ball should be arms length and your palm should be facing down. Repeat this drill 10 – 20 times before switching hands.

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15 handballing drills that you can do anytime at training. These are great for reaction, coordination and most importantly clean hands. https://www.enhancedf...